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Finial   The decorative top affixed to a flagpole - usually mushroom shaped, onion shaped or round, white or gold.
Halyard The rope used to hoist the flag to the top of the flagpole.
Cleat Where the halyard rope is tied off to keep the flag hoisted.
Ground sleeve The sleeve that the pole slots into when erecting a standard flagpole.
Hinged baseplate The baseplate used with a single piece pole.
Rotating arm A metal arm at the top of the pole which keeps the flag taught at all times. Normally used for portrait flags.
Rope & Toggle The traditional way of finishing a Flag. Consists of a wooden toggle at the top of the Flag and a length of rope at the bottom.
Appliqué A sewn woven flag.
Anti Fray A piece of heavy duty Nylon netting sewn onto the edge of a flag to protect it from fraying.
Badge A coat of arms or simple heraldic symbol such as a shield.
Canton Any quarter of a flag, but commonly means the upper.
Charge A figure or symbol appearing in the field of a flag.
Emblem A device often used as a charge (see above) on a flag.
Field The background of a flag.
Fimbriation A narrow edging or border, often in white or gold, on a flag to separate two other colours.
Fly The half or edge of a flag furthest away from the flagpole. This term also sometimes refers to the horizontal length of a flag.
Length The span of a flag along the side at right angles to the flagpole.
Width The span of a flag down the side parallel to the flagpole.
Half Staff/Half Mast A style of flag display in which the flag is flown at half of the potential height of the available pole.
Distress Flying the flag upside down.
Vexillological Symbol Used to indicate certain characteristics of national flags, such as where they are used, who uses them, and what they look like.