A massive range of ground mounted flagpoles. Heights range from 3.5 metres to 6 metres and in either Aluminium or fibreglass. Great for flying your company flag or showing a bit of national pride.   Portable and advertising flagpoles with a range of bases to suit all ground types and to provide real portability. Bases are available to suit soft or hard ground, internal and external uses. Ideal uses for these flagpoles are exhibitions, eventsand  car showroom forecourts.   Flagpoles for indoor usage, ranging from 1.5 metres to 2.5 metres, with a choice of bases that hold 1 to 6 poles. Suitable for conferences or foyer/reception areas.   Wall mounted flagpoles available in 2, 3, 4.5 and 6 metres heights and with angled or vertical wall brackets. Ideal for a shop front or on the side of a building.   A range of flagpole accessories to accompany our flagpoles. Accessories include halyard rope, finials, cleats and rope clips.
Ceremonial flags and flagpoles for ceremonies, parades and any other formal occasions.   Click here to see all our ground mounted flagpoles.   Need a flag for your flagpole? Click here for a full range of national, county and custom flags.   If you are struggling to choose your flagpole and need a little bit of a push in the right direction then click the button above and we will email you over our "Guide to choosing your flagpole".    


Why choose our flagpoles?


Flags and Flagpoles are suppliers of a massive choice of Regent Flagpoles. Our flagpole range from Value to Top quality flag poles, either ground mounted, wall mounted or portable and available in an aluminium and fibreglass build.

If you need more information regarding our flagpole selection or would like some advice on the rest of our flag and flagpole range then please don't hesitate to call us on 0800 996 1673 or email sales@flagsandflagpoles.co.uk

A Regent Flagpole is a great way of advertising your company logo, event or even showing some national pride. Flagpoles come in a range of different sizes and materials. Depending on where the flagpole is situated and what it is being used for can greatly influence the choice of a flagpole. Our most popular height of flag pole is the 6 metre pole. This flag pole comes in either an aluminium of fibreglass build. The Aluminium poles range from our value and deluxe flagpole to the prestigious Vantage and Architectural step-tapered poles. The fibreglass flagpole is an elegant single-piece pole at an affordable price. Easy to erect and maintain make it a popular choice for schools, universities etc...

The flagpoles we supply aren't just limited to ground poles. We can supply wall mounted poles - available in 2, 3, 4.5 and 6 metre heights, Car base plate flagpoles - Ideal for car showrooms and forecourts, Beach/Feather portable flagpoles - Great for interior and exterior uses as they come with a choice of a water filled base, spiked base or screw base, all of which makes it a great portable pole and event flagpoles which are designed to give maximum exposure at large events.

Gift Ideas - Are you struggling to find a present for someone? A Flag pole coupled with a national flag or even a printed flag makes for a brilliant gift for birthdays, christmas, anniversaries and even mothers day! See our Value Flagpoles and fibreglass flagpole ranges for gift ideas.