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Printed flags, national flags, corporate flags, car flags, table flags and supporters hand waving flags are all available from flags and flagpoles. Flags are a great way to show some national pride or advertise your business or event. If you want a national flag to fly outside your house or a printed flag custom made to your specification and with your corporate branding on then we can help.

We also specialise in providing large quantities of supporters hand waving flags for sporting events. For any more information regarding our flags or any other products in our range please don't hesitate to call us on 0800 996 1673 or email sales@flagsandflagpoles.co.uk


Away from the Bestsellers:

British flags

British Flags:

British flags available either printed or sewn. All British nations available as well as county flags.
European flags

European Flags:

Flags from European countries including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain...
American continent flags

American Continent Flags:

Argentina, Brazil, Canada, USA, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Paraguay, Mexico...
Flags from the Rest of the World

Flags from the rest of the World:

Flags from Asia, Africa and the rest of the world. Include China, Egypt, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, India...
Budget Flags

Budget Flags:

We stock a huge range of budget flags for most nations. If you can't see the flag you need please call and we will find it for you.
Prices from £3.99

10% OFF selected budget flags

Printed Flags

Printed Flags:

Printed flags made to your specification with up to full colour print. Ideal for company flags, sale flags or club flags.
Hand waving flags

Hand waving flags:

Polythene and fabric hand wavers. A wide choice of countries available. Also includes our supporters hand waving flags. Suitable for large sporting events.
Miscallaneous Flags

Miscellaneous Flags:

Includes the United Nations & Confederate Flags.
Table Flags

Table Flags:

A large choice of 1.5 x 7.6cm (6" x 3") fabric table-flags as well as a range of accessories. We can also print flags with your own logo or message. Please call for details.
Car flags

Car Flags:

St George Polyester car flags with white plastic stick and window clip. Also available are our printed car flags.


Flags and Flagpoles

We are a well established supplier of flags, flagpoles and bunting to both retail and trade, based in Shepshed UK. St George, Union Jack, St Andrews, Scottish Standard, Welsh Dragon Flags are all favourites. Why not support your country during sporting events of just whenever you are feeling patriotic! The football championships are just around the corner so get your England car flags here today.
Our budget flag range consists of lightweight polyester flags with eyelets. We also stock high quality sewn woven, knitted printed and nylon national flags in many countries.

Hand Waving Flags
Our flagpoles range from 2 metre to 12 metres. Telescopic flag poles, aluminium flag poles, fibreglass flag poles, guyed flag poles and top quality architectural flagpoles are all part of our range.  Gold anodized finial, fixed base plate, hinged base plate, ground sleeve, internal & external halyard rope, cleat & rotating arms are all available.


About our Flags

With large stocks and the ability to make to order, we can supply all national and international flags. Most flags are sewn using high quality woven polyester and can be finished to your requirments. Corporate flags are a great way to bring attention to your organisation. We can produce company and custom flags to any specification. These flags can either be appliqued (sewn) or printed, depending on the design of the flag and also the quantity required. The prices for this range of flags are determined by the quantity and method.

Choice of flag finishings include


  • Traditional of finishing flags, Rope and Toggle to attach to flagpoles with halyard,
  • D-rings for use with flag clips,
  • Pole pouch and eyelets to fit poles with rotating top arms.


Supporters Flags - We manufacture large quantities of fabric hand waving flags to any size or design, especially popular with rugby and football clubs. These flags are produced overseas and thus the lead time varies from 2 to 12 weeks. We have different shipping methods which determine lead time and price.

Flag and Flagpole dictionary - If you are struggling with some of the terminology used in any of our Flag and Flagpole pages we have compiled a list of keywords and definitions which might help clear things up a bit.

For more information regarding any of our flags, printed flags and supporters handwaving flags please call 0800 996 1673 or email sales@flagsandflagpoles.co.uk.