Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions
We have only listed a few of the most asked questions here so if there are any more questions you would like answered, please call us on 0800 996 1673 or email
What bunting material is best for me?
The main factor in choosing what sort of bunting material you should go for is where will it be displayed, indoors or outdoors? We have a range of materials suitable for indoor or outdoor display. Paper bunting is best for indoor display whereas PVC bunting, Polyester bunting and Synthetic bunting are best used outdoors.
How is buinting made?
We've actually made a video to show you the process, have a look at it here >>
How do I supply my artwork?
We have a few ways for you to get the artwork to us. If the artwork file is under 10mb then you can email us, if the artwork is over 10mb then you can upload it using Ideally we would like the artowk supplied in a vector format such as .eps or .psd, Hi-res jpg's are also accepted.
How long will my flag last?
It is impossible to predict how long a flag will last. There are a lot of factors which determine the life of a flag, Flag type (applique, printed, etc), weather conditions and how well it is looked after. Have a look at our Flag care sheet for some tips on how to prolong your flags life.
What is the delivery time on Flagpoles?
Our range of aluminium flagpoles are sent out on a carrier service so will normally be despatched within 1 to 2 working days. Our single piece flagpoles such as the fibreglass and step-tapered poles require a dedicated vehicle to deliver so a 3-5 day service is available on those.
Are there any origination charges?
The majority of our printed products are digitally printed so do not require any origination.
Lead time on Custom Flags?
Our printed flags will normally take 10 working days from approval of your artwork. The sewn or Appliqued flags can be turned around in 7 to 10 days.
Do I need planning permission to erect a flagpole?
We always advise you to check with your local council as to whether you need planning permission to erect a flagpole.
What is the top of a flagpole called?
The little fixture at the top of the flagpole can be called many things but it's official name is the finial.
What days can I fly my flag?
We have compiled a list of special flag flying days.
How can I make my flag last longer?
We have compiled a document on flag care to keep your flag looking it's best and prolong it's life. Have a look here >>.
How easy is it to install a Flagpole?
This depends on the flagpole and your DIY skills. Generally the value and deluxe Flagpoles can be done by someone who is fairly good at DIY, but for the top end poles such as the fibreglass and step-tapered poles you may need to bring in some help. We can offer a flagpole fitting service but price will have to be quoted on application. For more information please visit our flagpole installation page.