Ground Flagpoles

Value flagpoles
VALUE Flagpoles
Low cost white aluminium poles, ranging from 3.5m to 6m in height. Poles come complete with ground sleeves, optional extras include rotating top arms or wall brackets.
Deluxe flagpoles
DELUXE Flagpoles
White aluminium flagpoles with external or internal halyard. Ideal for use outside show homes, schools and on building sites. Optional extras include rotating top arms or wall brackets.
Fibreglass flagpoles
Fibreglass Flagpoles
Smooth tapered, single-section flagpoles with dirt repellent surface. Available with internal or external halyard and hinged base plates for ease of erection & servicing.
Step tapered flagpoles
Step-tapered Flagpoles
White tapered powder coated aluminium flagpole. Maniufactured from two sections of heavy duty aluminium.
Prestigious architectural flagpoles
Prestigious Architectural Flagpoles
Top quality tapered, single-section aluminium flagpoles. Choice of external or internal halyards, hinged or fixed base plates.
Flagpole Installation
Guide to Flagpoles
If you can't decide on what flagpole you want or need,click here to receive our guide to choosing your flagpole.


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