Portable Flagpoles

Flagpoles aren't just limited to ground mounted poles. They come in all shapes and sizes and have many uses. Take a look at our portable flagpole section below. If you have any questions about our portable flag poles please call us on 0800 996 1673 or email sales@flagsandflagpoles.co.uk.


Ad Flag pole
Ad Flag
The Ad flag is a new addition to our portable flag pole range. Lightweight, telescopic flagpole makes it an extremely versatile flagpole which can be used on all surface types.
Universal Flagpole
Universal Flagpole
A portable sectional flagpole available in up 6 metre heights. Comes complete with heavy steel base plate and millstone water fillable base. NEW PRODUCT!
Car flagpole with U shaped base
Car Flagpole with "U" shaped drive on base
A 4.5 metre sectional flag pole supplied with a "U" shaped drive on base. An excellent choice for car showrooms and forecourts.
Feather Flags and Flagpoles
Feather Flagpole
The beach style feather flagpole comes in three sizes and is available with a choice of bases to suit indoor and outdoor usage.
Ceremonial Flagpoles
Ceremonial Flags and Flagpoles
Traditional, highly polished dark wood ceremonial flagpoles with a range of accessories. Ideal for ceremonies, parades and other official events.
Expo portable flagpole
Expo portable Flagpole
The Expo flagpole is a versatile portable flagpole. Can be used as a handwaver or attached to the wall using the supplied angled wall bracket.
Guyed flagpoles
Guyed Flagpoles
A more traditional style flag pole supplied in sections to provide true portability and storage. Available with a choice of bases and supplied with guy ropes to add stability.
Event Flagpole
Event Flagpole
Versatile and portable event flagpole. telescopic in construction up to a height of 5.a metres.
Expo indoor flagpole
Expo Indoor Flagpole
The Expo indoor flagpole comes complete with a heavy duty base.
Portable flagpoles with bases
Portable Flagpoles with bases
Sectional flagpoles available with a choice of bases to allow your flagpole to adapt to all surface types. Bases are interchangeable for maximum flexibility.
Wooden effect flagpole
Wooden Effect Flagpole


Portable flagpoles are great for those ocassions when you are looking for maximum exposure at an event or just want to tower above the competition on a busy street. No longer are flagpoles limited to being ground mounted. We have an extensive range of portable flagpoles to suit every ocassion. The most popular flagpole for events and exhibitions is the portable event flagpole. The event flag pole has a total height of 5.5 metres and comes with a water fillable base so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and it makes a real impact in a crowded exhibition hall. To attract more attention on a busy street why not have a look at our flagpoles with car base plates. These poles reach a height of 4.5 metres and come supplied with a drive on base which provides extra stability.
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