Sporting events

Flags for sporting events
Show some national pride and support the nation with our Union product range. Flags, bunting, flagpoles and handwavers are all available. Don't forget we can also supply printed banners, pens, t-shirts and more. Call us on 01509 501 170 to discuss your requirements or email
London olympic games flags 2012   
Budget Union Flags
A range of budget Union flags. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor celebrations.
Budget 3ft x 2ft - £3.99 to £1.75   more info
Budget 5ft x 3ft - £4.99 to £1.99   0
Budget 8ft x 5ft - £16.99   more info
Other Sports Flags   more info
 Union handwaving flags  
Hand Waving Union Flags
Union hand waving flags or handwavers are ideal for school celebrations, sporting events or house and street partys.
Fabric hand wavers - £2.99 to 99p   more info
Polythene handwavers (packs of 20) - £5 to £1.50   more info
 Union bunting  
Sporting Events Bunting
Decorate your event, house office or school with some Union bunting. Available in quality fabric or lightweight polythene.
Vintage Union bunting - £9.95 to £18.95   more info
Union fabric bunting - £9.99 to £6.79   more info
Union polythene bunting - £3.99 to £1.25   more info