wall mounted

The standard duty wall mounted system has recently been upgraded with an enhanced bracket and is now available with an optional tensioner to ease fitting, adjusting and renewing the banner. Featuring an attractive circular steel bracket and aluminium arm it is suitable with banners with areas up to 2 sq mt.

The Duty Face Fix Systems allows banners to be secured flat to the wall with the ability to change and tension the banner easily. Banners are quickly installed and changed by sliding onto the cross bars and tightening the rigging screws.

The Shop Front Sign System is designed to secure a PVC banner flat to wall, The Shop Front Sign is easily removed to enable safe overnight storage inside you premises. The banner is tensioned with elastics ensuring it is always smartly displayed and rapidly changed.

Banner Rail
The outdoor promotions market has been screaming for a system, which enables a banner to be changed in seconds and which avoids repeated, drilling and screwing by maintenance people. You only install this system once. The Banner Rail is new, original and it works!!

* The brackets and rails need only to be fitted at the initial installation
* Old Banner slides out - New Banner slides in
* One tool operates the tension system
* Designed so that anyone can easily change and rotate the banners

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Wall mounted banner rail