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A traditional British decoration, used for street parties, party decorations, baby showers or just adding a bit of colour to a room. Nowadays it has taken on a new role of becoming a low cost yet effective advertising tool for shop fronts, in-store promotions, events, festivals and much much more. Here at Flagsandflagpoles.co.uk we can supply you with all types of bunting and we mean all types of bunting. Flag bunting, colourful bunting, bird bunting, right through to custom printed bunting made to your requirements for both indoor and outdoor use. For outdoor events some outdoor bunting such as Synthetic, PVC or Fabric would look great!

If you're looking for some Prince Harry & Meghan Markle bunting for the event of 2018, Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's wedding then look at our Royal Wedding section with flags, bunting, handwavers and more.

Custom printed bunting

Custom printed Bunting
Have a length of Bunting bespoke made to your specification. Printed onto a range of different materials, you can have your company name, message or absolutely anything you wanted printed on to the pennants.

Flag bunting

Flag Bunting
Perfect for National days and sports events. We stock a large range of quality national flag fabric buntings and polythene buntings.

Colourful Bunting

Colourful Bunting
Great for Party bunting. Red, white & blue, multicoloured or even create your own coloured combinatons to match your corporate, event or team colours.

Seasonal & Celebration Bunting

Seasonal & Celebration Bunting
Need to decorate for a special event? Great for those special occasions. Happy Birthday bunting, Christmas bunting & Halloween buntings are just some of the buntings available.

What type of Bunting should you choose?

Bunting comes in many shapes, sizes and materials and if you're not just looking for a standard flag cheap bunting or colourful bunting then it can be a bit difficult to decide which one you need. There are a number of factors to consider when you choose you're bunting. Hopefully after reading this you will be a little bit clearer on what bunting suits your purpose.

Is it being used indoors or outdoors?

This is an important factor to consider as some of our bunting is only suitable for indoor purposes and on the other hand, you don't want to spend a lot of money on an outdoor bunting if it is going to be displayed indoors. Generally, the best materials for outdoor bunting, are Synthetic (waterproof & Tear proof) and PVC as they are very durable.

Do you need a logo or your own design printed on bunting?

As mentioned earlier, we do a huge range of flag pennant bunting and colourful bunting but you may be after something a bit more unique to match corporate colours or even get your log, a picture or pattern printed on to bunting. We digitally print our bunting on to Synthetic, Paper or PVC which means you can have a single colour logo or a full colour printed pennant all at the same price.

Does your bunting need to be single or double sided?

As standard we print our bunting single sided as the majority of the time it is displayed against a wall or decorating a gazebo so the reverse side is never seen. We can print double sided bunting if needed.

A quick description of each of the bunting types we supply

  • Synthetic bunting
    Waterproof, tearproof and low cost make this our most popular bunting. Available printed in up to full colour single or double sided.
  • Fabric bunting
    Made form 100% polyester, fabric bunting probably flys better in the wind than all other types of bunting and is relatively silent. Available printed full colour, single sided, with a mirror image show through to the reverse.
  • PVC bunting
    A hard wearing material suitable for both indoors and outdoors, it is available as a stock colour or printed single sided.
  • Paper bunting
    Paper bunting is printed on 170gsm silk coated paper. Only suitable for indoor display, paper bunting is generally printed double sided as standard.