National Flags

National Flags

National flags or Flags of the UK are great for a national day, display in a reception area or outside a building, or just to show a bit of national pride on a flagpole in your garden. We stock almost every national flag and if we don't, we can print it for you so if you can't find the specific flag you are looking for, give us a call on 01509 501 180 or email and we'll find or print it for you.
We also do a full range of British County flags.

Budget National Flags

  • A lightweight flag made from 100% polyester and finished with D-rings, ready to fly. Budget flags are ideally suited for indoor use or temporary outdoor display. If you're looking for some flags to put up for a special occasion such as a Birthday Flag, or seasonal flags such as Christmas Flags, Easter Flags or if you're planning on changing your flags over regularly then budget flags are for you.

Printed National Flags

  • The next step up from Budget Flags. Printed Flags are, as the name suggests, printed. The flag starts off as a white piece of fabric and the design is printed on to produce your National flag. These flags are perfect for outdoor use, flying on a flagpole. Most commonly finished with D-rings which make them easy to attach to a flagpole.

Sewn National Flags

  • Generally seen as the top of the range flags. They are a heavier weight compared to Budget or printed flags due to the amount of material used in production of the flag. Sewn woven flags start off as separate pieces of coloured fabric which are then sewn together to create your flag design. Generally finished in the traditional way using a rope & Toggle.