Post mounted banner systems

Post Mounted Banner Display

For temporary or semi-permanent display, our post mounted systems allow you to capture every opportunity to get the message across. Easily secured in minutes, they also tension the banner for a professional finish and consistently clear communication.

Heavy Duty Post Mount System

This versatile high strength aluminium bracket fits lamp-post diameters from 75mm to 150mm, making it applicable in almost every situation. Fitted singly or in pairs, the oval section pole fits securely on to the bracket and supports. Used in pairs to tension the banner. Suitable for banners with areas up to 2 metres squared.

Standard Duty Post Mount System

The standard duty post mount bracket offers an alternate approach to fixing banners to steel lighting posts and other vertical columns. The system comprises of a heavy gauge aluminium pole to which the banner is sleeved. the pole is secured into a pressed steel bracket by means of a removeable locking pin. Plastic collars retain the banner in position from both sides.

Mid post mount system

Make your message the centre of attention. The mid mount system secures the banners singly or back to back on the centre of a lamppost. Banners are sleeved top and bottom, the unique spring tensioner system keeps everything taught but allows it to flex in the wind.

  • Single or double sided
  • Suitable for banners up to 2m Squared
  • Banners easily secured and changed


Post Mounted Flags

Our heavy duty post mount system can also be used with flags. A single arm with a flag sleeved on, holds the flag on permanent display. The flag secured down the pole with simple cable ties.

  • Dynamic flag attracts more attention
  • Great for theming or advertising
  • Half the hardware cost compared to PVC banners

Note: This method of installation is only suitable with polyester flags.

Single arm post mounted systemDual arm post mount system