Advertising & Portable Flagpoles

Flagpoles aren't just to be used as permanent structures. They are being used more and more as portable advertising displays. We have a huge range of flagpoles suitable for temporary use and with a range of bases to choose from they can be used on all sorts of ground types. For more information please call 01509 501 180 or email

Telescopic Expo Flagpole

Expo Telescopic Flagpole

Our most popular handwaving pole. Lightweight, telescopic and versatile.
Prices from £21
AdFlag Portable flagpole


If your looking for a low cost flag & pole for an outdoor promotion, the the AdFlag is the Flagpole for you.
Prices from £46.80
Event Flagpole

Event Flagpole

If you want to make a statement then the event flagpole is for you. 5 metres high, it towers over any other portable flagpole.
Prices from £304.80
Feather Flags

Feather Flags

The most popular portable flagpole. Low cost, lightweight and available with a range of bases to suit any ground type.
Prices from £114
Guyed Flagpole

Guyed Flagpoles

Guyed flagpoles turn your traditional flagpole into a temporary portbale pole. Great for outdoor events.
Prices from £106.80
Universal Flagpoles

Universal Flagpoles

A 6 metre flagpole with water fillable bases, ideal for display on hard ground.
Prices from £178.80
Teardrop Flags

Teardrop Flags

A great alternative to Feather flags if you're looking for something a bit different.
Prices from £128
Car Forecourt Advertising Flagpoles

Car Forecourt Advertising Flagpoles

Advertise new car sales, deals, and more with our car flagpole with flag and drive on base.
Prices from £172.80